Unboggler January 18, 2020 Generate a boggle board containing your custom list of words!
Digital Humanities & German Periodicals December 1, 2016 No summary.
Seam Carving December 28, 2014 [Seam Carving](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seam_carving) is a classic dynamic programming algorithm for content-aware image resizing. Rather than scaling or cropping, the seam carving algorithm resizes images by removing (or copying) horizontal and vertical slices of the image. These slices, called *seams*, must cross the entire image, but are allowed to zig and zag around salient regions in order to avoid too much deformation.
AdamBots Automated Scouting Kit June 1, 2014 Match prediction and analysis for FIRST FRC competitions.
Complex Domain Coloring February 15, 2014 No summary.